Arsenal star reveals tactics for Liverpool match

It appears that Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal team are so confident that we will be too strong for our struggling Premier League rivals Liverpool at Anfield tonight that we are happy to give Jurgen Klopp an early heads up about the tactics the Gunners will be employing for the game this evening.

Either that or the England international Kieran Gibbs will be in big trouble with his boss when Wenger sees what the left back has said in a report on the Arsenal website today. The defender reckons that the game will be all about who controls the possession of the ball and while that might sound obvious it is not.

Because over the last year or so Wenger has sometimes employed the different tactic of conceding the ball at times but defending on numbers and hitting the other team on the break. The prof has used this Plan B mainly in the bigger games and so he might have been expected to do it tonight.

Gibbs said, “They are a team that likes to keep possession and so are we. The game is going to be won on who can dominate and we need to dominate every match we play. I think it is going to be a tight game and [because] every game is so tight it is hard to predict the results because it is so up and down.

“There are not many teams who can beat us. Liverpool is a great club and their fans and stadium are great. It is going to be a hard game – they have a new manager who has come in and improved their team.”

Which makes you wonder why Gibbs is telling him our tactics, unless Arsenal are so confident that they do not care who we play. The other option, of course, is that Gibbs is telling porkies and hoping to take the scousers by surprise. How do you think Arsenal will approach this vital Premier League match?

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