Arsenal starlets Botelho and Wellington both making problems for themselves in Spain

The young Brazilian Wellington Silva was hailed as a world-beater when Arsene Wenger bought him from Fluminense in 2010, but he couldn’t move to England until January 2011. As soon as the deal was signed he became too big for his boots and started living a playboys life and was banished from the Brazilian giants first team after many disciplinary problems.

It was hoped that he would regain his form on arriving at Arsenal, and on his debut in January he scored for the youth team at Old Trafford but due to his lack of playing team he failed to gain a work permit and was loaned out to Levante in Spain.

Yet again he failed to impress and was accused of eating too many pizzas rather than concentrating on playing and he never got a chance in their first team. He has now been moved on to Alcoyano in the Segunda Liga where he can hopefully take advantage of a fresh start again. He has to start playing soon or he will never get a “special talent” visa….

Meanwhile Pedro Botelho is another Brazilian that joined Arsenal in 2007 and has also been on loan in Spain ever since working towards his visa, and this season has been at Rayo Vallecano but he has also had problems and hasn’t played for the first team since November after an altercation with the management.

But his whole future is now in jeopardy after being apprehended by the police yesterday morning. After being stopped by the Guardia he reversed into a police car and sped off before being caught further down the road. He then failed a breathalyser and was arrested, and to make it worse his Brazilian license isn’t valid to be used in Spain.

No matter what his punishment from the Spanish courts will be, there is then the likelihood that he will be charged with gross misconduct by Arsenal, if found guilty (which he surely will) he could be sacked for breach of contract.

And both of them were signed with such high hopes….

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5 thoughts on “Arsenal starlets Botelho and Wellington both making problems for themselves in Spain

  1. Brazilians lik neva b4 are losin focus d moment dey leave home.there4 AW shld focus on Joel campbell,Ryo n Afobe.

  2. pointless post,
    try being a young boy removed from your homeland by a big club like arsenal with so many promises then you end up in some yo-yo team in spain.
    its irresponsible to sign players you cannot use, botelho could win spanish passport this year. wellington shoould have stayed in brazil. fluminense asked if you could stay for one more year maybe he could have gain some caps like lucas and neymar, arsene refused.
    spain only have 2 teams, barca and madrid, the rests are rubbish and don’t know how to look after young players.

  3. @ sam:
    yeah and the logical consequences of being homesick is ending up wasted in a police chase, or what?

    no excuses there, not for botelho, not for wellington and not for bendtner. the guys were handed real chances and they completely f*ck it up.

  4. 26gooner83 couldn’t agree more, sam couldn’t have said it better then you, if I said it too.

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