It is a shame that Arsenal have only three games left before the season ends. Even those three games, though, might be enough for Mesut Ozil to do some repair work to his damaged reputation. The Germany international will be looking for a confidence boost himself as well, before heading off to Brazil to try and inspire his fellow Germans to a World Cup win.

It seems that everyone likes to take a pop at Ozil, maybe because of the price tag of over £42 million, or maybe because he is not the sort of rugged, no nonsense footballer that the English press takes to their heart. But there is no doubt that his debut season with the Gunners, after a super start, tailed off a bit and was pretty disappointing by the time he picked up a hamstring injury during the second leg against Bayern Munich. His lowest point, of course, came in the home leg with a missed penalty that drained the confidence from the 25-year old.

Ozil seems to have his physical strength and energy back, though, and has put in two very good performances, so he is getting his mental state right as well, and his Arsenal team mates are doing everything they can to help him. As well as Arsene Wenger, Ramsey, Arteta, Koscielny and Giroud have all praised the German for his performance against Newcastle and spoken about the positives of having him back from injury, in various reports on

Ozil’s style is not too flashy or eye catching, but he does seem to lift the level of the whole team and make things happen, so it is no wonder that his team mates are delighted to have him back on the pitch. Three more games like that, Mesut, and people like Michael Owen might even stop having a dig. And if Ozil returns fresh and with confidence for next season, watch out Premier League!

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