Arsenal to ask Tottenham for defender on loan?

Don’t ask me where this rumour could have come from, but I have just read that Arsenal are going to ask the Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp if they can have the wantaway defender Sebastien Bassong on loan until the end of the season.

The 25 year-old Frenchman was very impressive for Newcastle when he first arrived in the UK and Tottenham snapped him up in 2009 where he was a regular for the first two seasons until he seemed to fall out of favour with Harry Redknapp last season and has languished on the bench for some time.

Redknapp has admitted he would let him go if the right offer came in, and there is no doubt that he can still do a good job in the Premiership. He is also very flexible and can play along the back-line or even as a defensive midfielder when needed.

He is big and strong and French-born so it would not be any surprise that Wenger would be keen on taking him to the Emirates, but would Harry Redknapp really allow one of his players to move to their great rivals Arsenal?

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4 thoughts on “Arsenal to ask Tottenham for defender on loan?

  1. Can the Arsenal management sink any lower? Going cap in hand to beg our most bitter enemy for one of their bench warmers! I have now seen it all

  2. I guess times are so bad that we have to beg tottenham for their out of favour players…………phishhhh………………………whats next…………… the renewal of squids contract…………………………its a bloody joke………. stan kronke out and usmanov in………. he has a vision for this great club and its not called making profit on shares.

  3. the player him self would push 4 a move if there was any truth in how many rejects they`ve taken from us lately?

  4. I say go for him, he s strong and not injury prone, I wonder why most of ourplayers are injury prone, maybe we need to examine our medical team, I have been watching Cesc since he moved to Barca, he has been playing for weeks without injury unlike last season when he was with us!

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