Arsenal to clear last deadwood – making room for……?

Yesterday Arsenal finally brought another player into the squad, with former Gunner Mathieu Flamini re-signing for the club on a 3 year deal worth £40k a week. And now the news could get even better with rumours suggesting the last remaining piece of deadwood (Bendtner aside) could be leaving the club for France.

Firstly my opinion on Flamini signing is a mixed one. Although I’m glad we now have another option to field and his experience will hopefully help us through the struggle, I am not particularly happy with the club making another free transfer and still not spending any money. What I also didn’t like was the fact, Arsenal were praising it up, especially on their twitter account, bombarding the fans about his signing as if we had just signed Messi or something.

It was ridiculous but anyway that’s another story and right now we are focusing on the fact that Chu Young Park is set to leave the club this week on a free transfer with two clubs from France in deep negotiations with the player. Arsenal are keen to let the striker go, without having to release him from his contract, so it’s understood that both Lorient and St Etienne have been allowed to speak to Park in hope of securing his services.

It will be good to get another player off the books because even though we are struggling for squad depth, I think most people would rather give someone like Akpom another chance upfront rather than see Park on the pitch for Arsenal again. To be fair he never really got his chance at Arsenal. A few domestic cup games and the one Premier League appearance, which strangely came against Manchester United, shows that he was nothing more than a purchase for shirt sale purposes. He was brought in for the merchandise sales, knowing that like Ryo Miyaichi, who I do actually think can make it at Arsenal, has largely been brought in to represent Asia at the club.

So it is almost 2 years to the very day that we signed Chu Young Park, in that deadline day fiasco and now he seems to be on his way again. Hopefully he can get something tied up with one of these clubs in France and get his career back on track before he enters his final professional years.

After getting a really tough draw in the Champions League yesterday, it is even more important that Arsenal get some good squad players in before the transfer window closes. All we can do now is hope and pray that the club has got something planned.

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2 thoughts on “Arsenal to clear last deadwood – making room for……?

  1. From the beginning of the transfer window, I said it that Wenger was not prepared to make any signing. This is because he feels he has good players and a new signing would probably not be better than the available players. Second, there was no possibility that Wenger will pay heavily for any player. Those ones he lost out were as a result of his poor price offers.It is unfortunate that Arsenal is stuck with this man. As long as he remains manager, we will not have a good competing team. Don’t be surprised if he comes back with his TOP FOUR FINISH this season.

  2. Wenger believes the squad who finished 4th are good enough to win the title this year.

    The only way this could be true is if he believes the 3 teams that finished above the squad which finished 4th must all have got weaker and the teams below 4th can not have got stronger.

    This clearly shows that Wenger is on crack!

    And before anyone says it NO DIABY WILL NOT BE THE DIFFERENCE OR A NEW PLAYER, he will only be one thing, INJURED

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