Arsenal to complete £29m transfer of Balotelli next week?

Arsenal fans, unless they are Italian of course, will be hoping that Uruguay can beat the Azzurri in the final World cup game of group D. That will mean that Costa Rica and Uruguay progress to the knockout stages of the tournament, while Italy and the abject excuse for a team that is England (I have clearly not got over it yet) go home and get a bit of free time before the preparations for next season begin.

That will, apparently, spark Arsene Wenger into action. The media are pretty sure that Mario Balotelli is right at the top of Wenger’s wish list, so if he goes home early, Arsenal fans could soon have a transfer to make us happy as soon as next week. It would make a nice change foe Arsenal to not leave us all as quivering wrecks on the final day of the transfer window.

The transfer should go through pretty smoothly as well, according to a report in The Express, as long as the Gunners agree to meet the, rather steep in my opinion, valuation of the madcap but talented 23-year old. AC Milan apparently want £29.5 million for Balotelli, which is a fair bit more than they or Man City paid for him. A bit cheeky, but they know that Arsenal have the cash and that Wenger is under pressure.

So hopefully the Frenchman will not pussyfoot around and try to beat them down. It is not his money after all. Do you think Super Mario is the right man for Arsenal?

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