Without naming the names of any of his Arsenal players in particular, Arsene Wenger made it clear in his post match interview that he felt that many of them had not played at their normal level. His interview reported by Sky Sports shows that the Frenchman was not happy with the defending but he seemed more concerned that our midfield and attack did not do enough to alleviate the pressure and give Tottenham players problems at the other end.

Wenger said, “The only regret I can have today is that we gave two cheap goals away, but Tottenham deserved to win this game.

“I’m disappointed with our offensive performance today because we didn’t produce enough and I think technically we were short in many aspects of our game.

“I feel we gave away balls in some areas that despite the pressing we should not lose, and some players were well below par today on that front.”

For me the worst offender was Aaron Ramsey and I was very surprised that the Welshman was not replaced when Tomas Rosicky came on. Maybe Wenger thought we needed Ramsey´s defensive capabilities but in our next game against Leicester City you would expect Arsenal to have a lot more of the ball and to be much more attacking.

So is it time for Wenger to drop the struggling central midfielder and play the excellent Rosicky there instead?

2 thoughts on “Arsenal to drop Ramsey after Spurs shocker?

  1. his eyes are always at goals rather than playing with the team. learn from fabregas, it’s a not must for you to score

  2. During the 18 months leading up to the start of this season, Ramsey was fantastic! He was probably the club’s best player throughout that period. However, if you look back to the 18 months prior to that he was terrible, just awful.

    His performances this season have been mixed. What’s clear is that he has come nowhere near last year’s standard. He just isn’t the same player. If he was, we probably have 6 to 9 more points right now, and we probably beat Spurs yesterday.

    It’s a shame Ramsey is so inconsistent. But your point is well taken. We finally have a squad big enough, and healthy enough, to drop players in poor form who are costing us points. Rambo should sit for a few games. I hope he can somehow rediscover last season’s form in time for the run-in because we’ll need everyone at their best to win our annual 4th Place Trophy.

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