As I am sure you’re aware former Arsenal midfielder Mathieu Flamini is back in training with the Gunners after his contract expired with AC Milan. Flamini left the Gunners back in 2008, again on a free transfer after he supposedly turned down a contract offer and stated that we weren’t a big enough club for him, however 5 years on and he is back at where he started and according to reports could sign today!

It’s nothing to get over excited about because quite simply when there is over £100 million sitting in the bank and the only two signings that have been made at the moment are two Frenchmen on free transfers isn’t particularly exciting and frankly very annoying however I still have faith that the club will bring in a few more faces before the end of the transfer window.

We all wanted Fellaini, however Wenger clearly heard Flamini, and at last we have our wish in signing a DM. However I am hoping he is just one of many additions in this last week because otherwise there will certainly be a riotous mood surrounding the Emirates over the course of the season, when we struggle because of a lack of clothes. Ultimately he will be a player that adds valuable depth to our squad but should no way be a first team regular, unless he manages to prove real worth.

It’s rumoured that Wenger wants him to be part of the squad to face Fulham this weekend and so it’s vital that he signs today. He can provide cover this weekend in a midfield that is probably starting to tire already with two tough games over the last week. Don’t be angry at the re-signing of Flamini because although he isn’t exactly what we were all expecting, I’m sure if he does sign then he will prove effective in the role he is given.

On the last note, it has taken us around 5 years to find a replacement for Flamini, and we finally have by resigning the man himself. Expect an official announcement soon.

3 thoughts on “Arsenal to make Flamini the second free transfer of summer

  1. I am delighted with this signing if it happens. i loved him wen he played for us the first time and i think he was the best in his position when at the club.
    Not a money signing but i still think its a great one.

  2. Don’t forget his natural position is also left fullback, so he provides cover there to. Yes, he was very good in his last season, better than Denilson who was unfairly being forced to learn the new position and much better than Song ever was, BUT he was gelling with Rosicky, Fabregas, Hleb and Eduardo. The quintet was operating very fluid, they had rooted us firmly at the top of the table and they were loving how well they played together. Then that c#@t Taylor crocked Edurado and it all went tits up from that game onwards. Hleb was moved to the opposite wing, Rosicky was then injured, and it was all left to Flamini to do and impressively he did it, he was an outstanding player. He was a big loss. With only Rosicky still in the team will he be able to gel again, this is what I wonder. Keown showed how a player can return and be better than before, I can see Flamini having a massive impact again and he isn’t injury prone.

  3. A good example of a squad signing but in no way enough to fill the gaps created by years of Wenger’s mismanagement.

    At least 3 first team players and another 3 similar squad players need signing.

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