Arsenal to pressure FA to BAN Mike Dean?

Arsene Wenger was understandably furious about the latest shocking performance from a referee and his assistants that has cost Arsenal three points and two of our players. The Frenchman even went so far as to mention the referee by name and it is not the first time that the name of Mike Dean has been involved with some dodgy decisions against Arsenal.

He was the man in the middle when Rooney dived to earn that penalty and he was also the ref caught on camera doing a little celebratory skip when Tottenham scored against us. It is clear that he has no love for Arsenal, or maybe Wenger, and I do not see why we have to take it.

Surely there is enough evidence to suggest that he is biased against Arsenal. There is enough evidence from just this one game in my opinion. As I remember it, Sir Alex Ferguson used to get certain officials banned from working at Man United games by complaining about them.

Have we not got a perfectly good case for making sure that Mister Dean is never involved in an Arsenal match again?

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6 thoughts on “Arsenal to pressure FA to BAN Mike Dean?

  1. Wasted summer needed a defensive midfielder as cover for coqueline and a first class striker neither signed so squad not good enough. The squad was not good enough last year so how can this one be . A big opportunity lost and no leader which does not help.

  2. Wenger mr excuses, will never win anything , his doing a great job in torturing Arsenal fans. how can he say that he can’t find a good player to buy during transfer window when team such as Barcelona, R,Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Man City… all reinforcing their teams respectively what sort of does Wenger want??? he has to go

  3. We the Gooners will be happy and satisfy to see Arsenal fight for the banning of Mike Dean not only from Arsenal matches but ban him from refereeing completely. And equally ban Diego Costa for his intentional provocation and violent actions, under the watchful eyes of Mike Dean. It’s not because am Arsenal fan that I am making this call. But I hate and despise to see the game turned to a mockery by referees. Besides, the overwhelming past and present evidences are there before the FA to make the right call. Mike Dean has flagrantly been abusing the ethics of his profession when it comes to refereeing in Arsenal games. And has appeared to be saying, do your worst. What can you do?

  4. Come on guys – Wenger has been at fault for most things this season, but given where we were (albeit mostly his fault) at the start of the game, I think he did the best he possibly could. Dean also did the best he could to stop us, the game turned into farce thanks to him.

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