Arsenal to see more from Alexis Sanchez against Man City

After making his first two appearances for Arsenal last weekend in the Emirates Cup games against Benfica and Monaco, Alexis Sanchez called for a bit of patience from the Arsenal fans and suggested that he is not really fully fit yet. To be fair to him, I don’t think he had any reason to expect anything else.

The Chilean had only just arrived in London and had trained just twice with his new team mates. So for the 25-year old to say that he would need a bit more time to get to match sharpness and really show us what he is made of, just highlights the high standards that he sets for himself.

Sky Sports reported him saying, “I like this style of football. What is important now is to play and get fit. I need to get 100 per cent.

“I have to go step by step. I have only trained twice with the team. I just have to keep working hard and training.

“What is important for me is to try and play games, to score as many goals as possible and to win titles.
More games that matter.

“Of course I loved it (the reception from the Emirates crowd), I am extremely thankful to all of them.

“I am also extremely happy and I hope that I can make them very happy as well.”

Arsene Wenger was certainly not disappointed, as he pointed out that Alexis was still one of the sharpest looking players on the pitch. And the new forward still played almost all of the second game when we only expected 45 minutes from him.

So despite Sanchez’ calls for patience, I think this extra week of training will mean that Arsenal fans will see a lot more from their new star against Man City on Saturday, especially if Olivier Giroud is also sharper in the middle and the two can link up more.

I expect Sanchez to be one of the stars of the show, how about you?

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