Over the course of the last two months constant speculation regarding transfers have swirled around Arsenal and at the beginning it was the likes of Fabregas, Rooney and Higuain being linked, while now, although we still have Liverpool striker Luis Suarez on our list, we have seemingly settled for players arguably of less quality and the more typical Arsene Wenger signings.

It doesn’t mean they are French or completely unheard of, but it does of course mean they are young and players with bags of ‘potential’. Now I put potential in inverted commas because often these youngsters with potential turn out to be nothing but deadwood in a few years, but this time I think it’s different. Two players we have been linked with a lot in recent weeks is Matthias Ginter and Bernard. Both good, versatile and exciting players with a certain future ahead of them bound for greatness but both apparently don’t seem to be on their way to Arsenal, despite the media’s persistent reports.

Freiburg director Jochen Saier has slammed the rumours suggesting Matthias Ginter to Arsenal by telling Badische Zeitung: “This is pure rubbish! We have not received any enquiries and we are not thinking about anything to do with this. Matthias Ginter is a big part of SC Freiburg, he is an important part of the first team.”

Despite his reasonably unheard of account, I wouldn’t mind Ginter at Arsenal because he is a versatile option that could really be a centre part of Arsenal’s defence in the next few years. An exciting prospect and for only £6 million, I think he would have been a bargain of a player, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be the case.

The other name Bernard, who plays for Atletico Mineiro in his homeland Brazil, has also had reported interest from Arsenal and there were even suggestions that the 20 year old would fly to London for a medical after a £21 million fee was agreed however this too was false speculation.

The Atletico president Alexandre Kalil said: “Tottenham made an offer of €18million (£15.7m) for Bernard, but they withdrew. Arsenal told us that they would bid, but never did. So what we have now is a €25m (£21.8m) bid from Shakhtar.”

It’s once again Arsenal’s reluctance to submit concrete offers which seems to be the problem here, however for the price being mentioned I’m quite glad we haven’t taken this deal any further. £20 million or so is a large amount of money to not only blow on an untried talent in Europe but also on a player in a position, I feel doesn’t need particularly strengthening as a main priority. You may of course disagree with me on this one but overall out of the two deals I’d say I was more disappointed with Ginter. I suppose the thing is however, is that there’s still hope both deals can be pulled off, and perhaps alongside the likes of Suarez.

3 thoughts on “Arsenal transfer latest- Ginter, Bernard and Suarez

  1. You are very naive or at least bordering on share ignorance in calling this guy an untried talent. Thank God people like you are not Managers as you would never have signed the likes of Messi who at the time was rejected by his boyhood club for being too small. I bet you the man that took that decision will not be able to look Messi in the eye now!! Mr Arsene-Miser-haven’t-got-a-clue-Wenger, my order to you now is drop everything you are doing and go get Bernard!

    1. Why are you having a go at Wenger!!!!!
      He didn’t write this article did he?
      Oh by the way….this “MR Arsene-Miser-haven’t-got-a-clue-Wenger” has tabled a bid of over £40,000,000 for a certain Suerez (OFFICIAL) so where do you get this miser bit from?
      I am certain he is p****ng himself with either fear or laughter from your comment “my order for you”, what planet do you come from?
      On another note, wasn’t the response to boycotting the Emirates cup and show Wenger what we really think of him a great success?
      Nearly 60,000 there supporting the club, players and manager…told you so!!!!!

      1. To Mr Ken lo:

        He tabled an unsustainable bid so he can fool the likes of you by turning around and lamenting the fact that he tried everything but did not succeed. I have heard it all before but he aint fooling me no more. He cn fool you! Yes 58-59k attended this year nearly 2k down on the year before last. Wait until October and you barely see the Emirates teeming with happy fans!

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