There have already been plenty of Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with various players in various positions but we do not really know whether there is any truth top them until someone at Arsenal or someone involved with the player confirms it.

Some sources, however, are more reliable than others and when Sky Sports say that they have the news it is usually a pretty safe bet that their sources are good. And they claim to know that both Arsenal and Liverpool have held talks about the summer transfer of James Milner from Man City.

The 29/year old is available on a free transfer as his current club have failed to convince him that he won’t spend the last few years of his career on the bench and that is a big factor for the England international. But with all the talented players available to Arsene Wenger already I wonder if Milner would have any more guarantee of a starting role with Arsenal.

He is certainly a versatile and quality player and a model professional who should have many more years at the top of his game but who would he replace in the Gunners’ first team? Walcott? Alexis? Ramsey?

2 thoughts on “Arsenal transfer move for Milner CONFIRMED

  1. This man has started his arrogance. Why he revels in failure is disturbing. While good meaning people expect talented arrivals in the shape of a 30 or better goals a season striker, another DMF, left defender if Monreal leaves, the man is busy thinking about allowing the most dependable CD (Kosc) leave. That is the man Wenger. Milner at this point good as he can be, if not bought for the goal keeping dept might turn out to be excess of requirement.

  2. Walcott to replace giroud, Milner on the right. He wants someone on the wing that can give defensive stability. And Milner fits the bill for that

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