Arsenal fans have been on the other side of this sort of transfer situation, such as when the little boy inside our captain Robin van Persie piped up and told him to abandon the club that had nurtured him and stuck with him through all the injury hit years to go and grab some glory with Manchester United.

It was not nice and a lot of Arsenal fans thought Arsene Wenger was wrong to allow the transfer to happen but it was the only way to stop the Dutch striker leaving for nothing a year later and the manager knew that a player that does not want to be with a club can be more trouble than they are worth.

Hopefully the Italian Serie A club Napoli will see things the same way as the Frenchman, because the Daily Star has reported that our transfer target Gonzalo Higuain has told them clearly that he wants a transfer away from Naples this summer.

The report also claims that our manager has already been on the phone to the Argentinean international striker and so the chances of Higuain finally becoming a Gunner look to be strong and getting stronger all the time. There is still the matter of money of course, with Napoli said to value Higuain at much more than the £50 million that Arsenal want to pay but the player’s formal request to leave should give us a lot more bargaining power.

3 thoughts on “Arsenal transfer ON as Higuain demands Napoli exit

  1. wenger will you please agree on the personal terms with the napoli this time. please, just agree, we need a new striker that is all we need. but leave giroud to stay, and you will see your club getting a premierleague cup this season

  2. Arsenal may end up not buy any player again this season as we all used to failed negotiation every year

  3. Jesus, what’s wrong with you people.. This was reported by the Daily Star !!… Do you really believe that they have some inside information on this ?… Try basing your reports on some credible sources for a change.

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