Arsenal transfer roundup – 2 Dec. Top strikers shortlist.

The strikers are the primary issue on Wenger’s shortlist at the moment and quite a few rumours appeared linking Arsenal with different with different top strikers around Europe.

The biggest problem Wenger is faced with is finding a striker who is talented enough and skilful enough, but still be eligible to play with Arsenal in the Champions League. That means that he mustn’t have taken part in any European league game so far this season.

A very few strikers worldwide have the both the skill to join Arsenal and still be eligible for that, but Wenger still has a few options.

The first one, and possibly one of the best is German striker Lukas Podolski who doesn’t really need any introduction. You all know that he’s a top striker and that he could easily play for Arsenal and be successful at it too. He recently offered a statement in which he stated that there’s nothing holding him back from a transfer and that Arsenal’s a top notch team, so the player is likely to accept any incoming offer.

The second on the list Montpellier’s striker Olivier Giroud who is also the League 1 top scorer of the moment. The French striker was also called-up to the national squad in November and at 25 years of age he could prove to be an excellent addition to Arsenal if brought in.

The last, but clearly not least on the list is Brazilian striker Leandro Damiao. He’s one of the best football players in the Brazilian Serie A and he’s a regular first team player for the Brazilian national squad. He’s rare breed of excellent technique target men who could score a decisive goal at any point in the match.

Who do you think is the better choice for Wenger? Who will bring the most goals and the best performances?

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