Arsenal Transfer Rumour Roundup. What Strikers Should They Bring?

Arsenal’s situation aggravates itself and with only 5 days to go now until the January transfer window will close, the Gunners must still transfer a striker to make sure that they will have a back-up for Robin Van Persie after Henry will leave in February.
With Walcott and Arshavin completely out of form, Wenger doesn’t really have an option other than Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Chamakh and Gervinho are gone for the African Nations Cup and an injury sustained by Robin Van Persie now would be the fatal blow to an already weak Arsenal club.
The Gunners have been linked with the possible transfer of German striker Lukas Podolski earlier this year, but even though he agreed that a move to Arsenal would interest him, Wenger didn’t make a move for him yet.
Almost the same is the situation with France’s top scorer Olivier Giroud. The French international has been highly linked with a move to Arsenal or Newcastle and he stated that he’s interested in moving to the Premiership, but Newcastle’s offers have been snubbed and Arsenal haven’t made a move yet.
The third on the list, and the most recent, is Turkish striker Burak Yilmaz who has been currently linked with a move to Arsenal after he became the top scorer in the Turkish league and leads the rankings with an amazing record of 22 goals in 21 games. Tranzbonspor’s striker publically announced that he would like a move to Arsenal and that he wouldn’t move away from his club to join some other club in the Turkish league.

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4 thoughts on “Arsenal Transfer Rumour Roundup. What Strikers Should They Bring?

  1. We also need midfielders as well as strikers (and defenders. Holy crap we need an entire team with RVP, Song, TV5 and Woj) Yes I know we have like a dozen mids but none of them can actually score. Yes Jack is coming back but he wasn’t a goal threat when he was fit, I don’t expect that to really change. Ramsey can’t even find passes to his teammates much less the goal. Arteta scores about a goal every other month.

    My solution? Patrick Hermann. Go ask bayern about them because he ripped them a new one last week and his talent has been overshadowed by Reus at Gladbach but rest assure that he’s going to be one for the German national team.

  2. does anyone really believe wenger will buy any decent player in the transfer window????
    come on get real he has already said he wouldnt buy to resolve the problem and he probably doesnt even think there is a problem.
    The league table doesnt lie and slipping out of the top 6 is a very real possibility.

  3. That is the point. Wenger does not see any problem with the present squad so buying another player is not a possibility. He believes when the injured players are back, the team will be fine so let us wait and see how his dream goes.

  4. Arsenal need a good striker like liorente of atletico madrid,and a defenders,like christopher samba.d midfield is ok wit d returning of jack wilshare.

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