The game against Chelsea will be a momentous occasion for Arsene Wenger and this Arsenal side. The Gunners boss will take part in his 1000th Game in charge of Arsenal and he is hoping to secure it with a win.

Since Wenger took over almost 18 years ago, it has certainly been a time of ups and downs for the club. We have experienced times of glory but also times of sadness. The last nine years have not been easy but Wenger has always aspired to achieve more with Arsenal again.

Wenger hasn’t given up on Arsenal, just like the board hasn’t given up on Wenger. The only people that have doubted him are the media and the fans themselves, but Arsene Wenger and Arsenal have the chance to put all the doubters behind them by attaining success in 2014, something which is actually very possible.

It would not only be a proud moment for Wenger but for Arsenal football club as a whole. Wenger has been through many teams during his time here, full of many talented players. (as well as a few disasters) but what is certain is that he has always done his best for the club and has taken Arsenal into the position they say and today. A persistent top four finisher, Champions League participant and economic superpower, Arsene Wenger has taken the club so far during his time here.

Ahead of the Chelsea game, Wenger said:

“You learn from every game. You learn more from the lost games than the games won. Certainly because you go into deeper analysis, you question yourself more, you question the players more and you learn basically the most from the higher the level goes up, the more you see the limitations of your team and your players. You learn the most in the biggest games when the pressure is there, when the talent is against you and when the pace of the game is at the top, top level. This is where you learn.”

What makes Wenger a top manager is his ability to recognise what has gone wrong and in most cases act upon it. He has transformed the Gunners from Boring Boring Arsenal to a side that plays beautiful and in some cases very exciting football. The game is driven on passion and determination and especially so at Arsenal, despite the money looming influences that surround the Gunners everywhere else. If Arsenal win something this season, Wenger will be able to look back and see that his side won the proper footballing way rather than the ever more dominant financial side that was practically non-existent when Wenger joined the club back in 1996.

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