Arsenal played some wonderful football today to beat Everton and it really should have been by more than jujst a single goal, but the chances came and went both before and after Barkley┬┤s deflected shot got them back into the game just before halftime.

Arsenal teams of the past might have crumbled after that and failed to win or even got beat, especially after the mighty exertions from all of the players against Bayern Munich on Tuesday night. After showing the classy, creative and exciting part of our game though, we also showed the new gritty side.

That was exemplified by Gabriel┬┤s fist pumping reaction to his last ditch but perfectly timed tackle to deny Lukaku a late equaliser. No wonder Arsene Wenger said that he was proud of his team after the game, as reported by Sky Sports, although I am sure he would rather have seen one of our many chances to make it three go in.

Arsenal have proved once again that we are no longer a team with just one plan and that we can implement plan B when it is called for. Now we just need to prove that the accusation of not being able to do it for a whole season has been put right as well. Then what can stop us from picking up that big trophy in May?

1 thought on “Arsenal use Plan A and plan B to beat Everton

  1. We could have won comfortably, thanks to Mr OX Concedelin, who doesnt seems to learn. He had option and bella was overlapping yet he attempted to dribble and shoot, resulted loss of possession and led to everton’s goal.

    To avoid goal concede, i think OX concedelin better stay away from the team.

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