Arsenal were bad but happiness of late goal is HUGE


I am not going to try to make any sort of apology for celebrating Arsenal getting a point from our Premier League away day at Old Trafford, even though I expected an Arsenal win before the game and thought that an under strength and under form Manchester United were there for the taking.

As often happens in football, the events on the pitch did not pan out the way most people thought they would and the Gunners were lucky to come away with our unbeaten run intact after Giroud’s last minute equaliser. It has happened to us plenty of times in the past so we will take this probably undeserved point and say thanks very much to the football gods.

While some Arsenal fans will be not so happy with the result in the cold light of day it seems clear that the players are delighted and feel that they have got away with one but also got reward for the new mental strength in the squad, as Giroud’s words reported by Metro show.

The French striker said, ‘I try to give solutions to my teammates because at the end of the game we were a bit tired, so just to try to bring something different, in the air especially as well.

‘We are very happy with this draw and this point and now we want to focus on the Champions League game on Wednesday.’

Other Arsenal players and Arsene Wenger have echoed this viewpoint and if the fact that we stole this point gives everyone at the club a lift then I think the point will be just one thing this EPL clash with United has given us and probably not the most important one at that.

But will the Gunners push on from this and start to show once again that Arsenal can be champions this season?

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