Arsenal will have our best team out to try and conquer Liverpool


In today’s game at Liverpool, Arsenal should have a semblance of their best team out on the park for a change. Koscielny returns from suspension and Alexis Sanchez returns to the forward line, and they will both play for the first time with our new arrivals Alexandre Lacazette and Saed Kolasinac. And of course our German playmaker Mesut Ozil will also be playing at Anfield.

Kolasinac is really forward to playing with Alexis in an official match for the first time after watching him in training. “It is very important to have him back,” Kolasinac said. “He can make real difference in games.

“Alexis is a very important player for us. I have seen that in training with his presence, his speed and how easily he can go past players.

“He is important when it comes to his combinations, especially with Mesut, which looks really good in training. We are pleased to have him back and I hope he can help us as soon as possible.”

I know it’s debateable as to whether Wenger will have them all in the starting line-up, but surely in such a big game we must have all our best players ready to fight.

If that lot play to their best then we will surely have a great chance of beating the Scousers!

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