I thought that Arsenal would have announced the transfer of the Colombia international number one David Ospina by now, as it was reported that we had a greed a fee of around £3 million with his French club Nice and had sorted out the personal terms of his contract with the Gunners.

But still no announcement from Arsenal and it looks like the reason could be the captain of Spain and Real Madrid, Iker Casillas. The news from Spain, picked up by various media sources like Metro, is that the 33-year old is ready to quit his La Liga club as they close in on another World Cup keeper, Keylor Navas of Costa Rica.

The report claims that Casillas is keen to come to the Premier League and play for the Gunners and that Arsene Wenger has offered him wages of around £100,000 a week to make the move. The only obstacle, apparently, is that Wenger does not want to pay a transfer fee so Casillas is asking Madrid to cancel his contract.

If this is true, it could spell the end for the transfer of Ospina, as surely Arsenal will not need both of them and current first choice Wojciech Szczesny. My concern is that if Madrid are willing to release Casillas, they clearly see him as behind Lopez and Navas, despite him formerly being the best in the world. He would certainly bring vast experience with him and that would be good for Szczesny, but is he really a better option than Ospina?

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