Reading between the lines of what Arsene Wenger has been saying in response to all the Arsenal transfer rumours about Karim Benzema, I think that the Gunners will sign the striker from Real Madrid if we can. But Wenger has been happy to wait until the last few days of the transfer window and see whether the player pushes for the transfer away from his current club.

After losing to West Ham and losing all our momentum and positive vibes into the bargain, however, the need for Wenger to push more is clear. Not only do we need that extra world class player but we need a transfer to give the current players a boost before the season slips away from us once again.

So I think that Wenger will now up the stakes a bit and want to know, one way or the other, if Benzema wants to come to Arsenal. And if not he can focus his transfer attention somewhere else. I really hope I am right about this be4cause I cannot see Arsenal winning the title without at least one major signing. Can you?

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