Arsenal’s Bendtner finally sets his sights lower than Barcelona!


Nicklas Bendtner is sure to be amongst one of the players the majority of Arsenal fans want to see the back of this summer and it looks as if we may soon get our wish, with several media outlets, including the reliable Sky Sports reporting that Arsenal have agreed fees with several clubs for the Denmark international.

Bendtner himself recently stated that he had six clubs across Europe interested in his services and it seems as if he isn’t lying; with three of those clubs reportedly agree respective fees with the Gunners. Bendtner himself has stated; “I will make that choice within the next 14 days. They are all good clubs. It is a hugely important choice I’m faced with. I must go where I am wanted. As a footballer, there is only one thing that can make you happy: playing time.”

It’s understood that the three clubs are Borussia Monchengladbach, Eintracht Frankfurt and Besiktas, and the reported agreed fee for the player is in the area of around £3 million. Not the best looking transfer fee but Arsenal had to result down to such a low asking price to get the player off the books. What is good in terms of finances however is the fact that Bendtner’s sale will free around £45,000 off the weekly wage bill which can now be reinvested into incoming players. This means that so far around £200,000 has already been freed up in terms of wages.

Lastly it’s not as if it’s unusual for Bendtner to have a dig at a football club and Arsenal have witnessed it many times, which is one of the main reasons to why Bendtner is disliked by Arsenal fans, but now he’s probably gone an angered the fans of his potential new team by practically calling them ‘small clubs’.

Bendtner said; “Will it be good for me to go to a big club where I risk the bench? No, I’d rather go somewhere where the club is located just below the top where I can play every week, I can take a step back to take three forward.”

No doubt this will get some fans fired up and he may have an rather unpleasant welcoming, let’s just hope for our sake that the 25 year old’s comments don’t jeopardise any deal already in place.

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