Arsenal’s Giroud: I’m more of a model than a striker!

olivier-giroudThe Frenchman Olivier Giroud came to Arsenal with a reputation of being a pin-up in his native country, and has reinforced the image of a ladies man with revelations of late night trysts with beautiful women before important Arsenal games.

Now he has admitted that he more likely to be known as a pinup like David Beckham or David Ginola than a top striker like Ibrahimovich! Giroud told Sport&Style in France: “I was sometimes called ‘the French Beckham.’

“It’s nice. He built a very popular image among women.

“He has a good rating even if he made ​​mistakes in his life. He is a fashion icon too.

“Without an extraordinary football talent, he became a star. I knew him during training and he is a great guy. He is very respectful. This is a great pro. He could be an example for me.”

He adds: “Frankly, I do not think I have the charisma or the personality of a Cantona or “Ibra”. I think I fall between Ginola and Beckham.”

When asked if he would like to become a full-time model, he replied: “I do not know what the future holds me, but we must think about it. The average career of a footballer is seven years. I already have reached that, it happens very quickly. I would not be against working in fashion, but I do not know in what form. I make contact, I work my network in preparation.”

Well you certainly fall every time you get in the box Olivier, and maybe in the future you should stick to modeling!

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