Arsenal’s midfield options when Wilshere returns

When Wilshere returns to the Arsenal squad in the New Year, Arsene Wenger would have his work cut out in deciding which players should feature in the Arsenal midfield and how will the midfield back the offense and support the defence to the fullest. Ultimately, to win a football match, the midfield battle is extremely important. Having a strong midfield will also propel Arsenal’s push for titles way forward. Now, I will consider the best scenario with no injuries at all.

First option
Gervinho Walcott
Song Wilshere

This will allow Arteta to support the attack with his incisive passes, feeding the flanks and play passes to VanPersie. Furthemore with 2 holding midfielders, Arsenal will provide more cover for our back four. This is the best choice in my opinion.

second option

Gervinho Ramsey Walcott
Arteta/Wilshere Song
This option is also considerable and with Ramsey maturing as a brilliant offensive player, he can back up VanPersie’s game. The flanks will also support the midfield with their pace, dribbling skills and technical ability. Once again, Arsenal will also benefit the best from two strong defensive midfielders.

Third option
Gervinho Ramsey Arteta Walcott
This choice will focus a lot on the offense and Arsenal will be very free scoring and be one of the most fascinating teams to watch in the league. However this will expose the defence a lot and Arsenal may be vulnerable to the counter attack.
Regardless of which option Arsene chooses, it must back the play of VanPersie and he is the key of our offense. If Arsenal can adjust to the midfield pattern in time, Arsenal will be a team feared by many others.

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