Arsenal’s Morata transfer at risk from Napoli and Madrid

Alvaro Morata is reported as being one of the top transfer targets for Arsenal this summer. The under 21 international for Spain is widely believed to have accepted that his future lies away from the Santiago Bernabeu, despite having been a Real Madrid fan since childhood and being desperate to make his mark there.

Even though the Spanish giants sold Higuain and Callejon last season, Morata’s chances have become even fewer and if it was not for the injury to his young team mate Jese Rodriguez, Morata would hardly have featured in La Liga. As it is, the young striker has only managed the equivalent of four full games, so his return of six goals is very impressive.

Perhaps that is why, according to, Real Madrid are preparing to offer Morata a new contract to persuade him to stay. It is not the money for Morata, though, it is the lack of game time. If the rumours about them going for Luis Suarez are true, Morata will have even less chance of playing so, unless they can promise him more time on the pitch, he will probably decide to leave.

But even that does nbot mean that he will be coming to Arsenal, because our transfer tormentors of last summer, Napoli, are also keen on the 21-year old, and they proved with the Higuain deal that they are not afraid to spend money. Do you think that Arsenal are going to lose out?

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One thought on “Arsenal’s Morata transfer at risk from Napoli and Madrid

  1. It is possible Arsenal might lose out to Napoli or another top club if care is not taken. The problem with some of those clubs is, they can’t on their own identify top players to buy until Arsenal make a bidding. Then they start running up and down to snatch-up the player by hook or crook of money. The money the boss will not offer, they will tender it to take the player. Save any buy-back clause, in this case of Alvaro leaving Real Madrid for Arsenal, the boss must this time, put his foot firmly on the ground and say NO to hijackers. Let him give it what ever it takes to get Morata. And makes it to serve as deterrent to would be snatchers. And let the boss carry out thorough investigations to be certain if Real are not devising a ploy to extort money from Arsenal like they did last summer.

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