Arsenal release new away kit!

After a few days of speculation, of fans wondering what the new away strip would look like, as well as if there would be any new signings posing in it, the answers to both questions are now clear, as Arsenal have now officially released the clubs new away kit for the 2013/2014 season.

On the clubs website,, an article displaying the new kit was displayed, showing that next seasons away kit will be a yellow strip with blue shorts, returning memories of Arsenal’s Invincibles season, which was 10 years ago this upcoming season.

Firstly doesn’t it shock you to think it is the tenth anniversary since we witnessed our famous red and white Gunner’s walk out and complete an entire season unbeaten, in a run that actually lasted 49 games? I cannot believe it has been so long and in fact it just puts how long we’ve been waiting for glory to return to Arsenal back in perspective. It will be a ninth consecutive season this year if we fail to win any competitions and the Emirates Cup doesn’t count!

Secondly, sorry to disappoint many people but sadly the kits presentation didn’t feature any new signings. There was no Gonzalo Higuain present, no Cesc Fabregas or no Maroune Fellaini; in fact a lot of Arsenal’s main stars were even there, with the club deciding to focus the presentation around Arsenal’s British core.

The British core seems to have become a big factor for Arsenal and we are clearly proud by the homeland nationalities in our squad, even though I’m sure we are one of the biggest multi-national squads in the Barclay’s Premier League. We may only have 6 main British players that feature on a regular basis for the first team but I think the club is so proud to have the talent amongst the ranks, firstly because obvious Arsenal is a club in England and we clearly need to reiterate the fact we do have English nationalities at the club, whilst secondly it shows how the team has developed over the last few years.

These players represent a change in Wenger’s philosophy. Remember Arsenal was once a team dominated by French internationals, and although it often brought home the glory, it was often criticised for its lack of British players, but now with the likes of Walcott, Wilshere, Ramsey, Gibbs, Jenkinson and Oxlade-Chamberlain amongst the ranks, it shows how we’ve developed as a team.

Ultimately lets be hopeful that somehow the kit brings back the spirit, determination and purely ability and fight to win a trophy like the good old days!

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