Arsenal’s Newboys Are Not Ready Yet!

Asenal’s newest transfers, Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud will miss the season start as French manager Arsene Wenger claims that they are not ready for action yet.

The Frenchman declared that they can’t be used in pre-season because they came back to training late, having to take some time off after the Euros, so he will have to ease them in and help them get adapted to the Premiership style.

“Podolski and Giroud may take longer than expected,” Wenger said in the Daily Mail before returning from a pre-season tour in Hong Kong.

“I cannot play them in pre-season, so I will ease them in the Premier League.”

We all know how tough an impact with the Premier League be, and that not all players can get adapted to the combination of strength and pace needed to be successful in England’s top division, so we can understand Wenger’s decision to make a rational move and help the two strikers get adapted, even though we’re extremely eager to see what they have in stall for us. Who do you think will be the most successful one?

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4 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Newboys Are Not Ready Yet!

  1. giroud hardly played in the euros. he played like 30mins max if that benzema led the line so what is the problem with him. didnt he train when he was at the euros isnt he training now why didnt he come on tour for fitness i hate arsenals excuses it takes them a second to make it up thats why it never makes sense. FOLLOW ME @KYEKYE45 ILL FOLLOW BACK

  2. We have a tough season start, and now, without our best strikers… It will be difficult indeed!

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