Arsenal’s Ramsey reveals why he has improved so much this year

The Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey has shown a killer instinct in front of goal this season. His development has been so rapid that it makes me wonder if this was the same Ramsey that suffered that horrific double leg fracture in 2010. In the previous 5 years, the Welshman had scored a total of 12 goals for the Gunners. This season however, he netted 13 before the end of November.

Sadly, injuries interrupted his season as hamstring and thigh problems slowed down his progress. ’Rambo’ returned to action four weeks ago and has claimed that talks with Arsene Wenger were the reason for his blistering form.

‘I’ve had a few chats with the manager over the year about being in front of goal and just trying to place things,’ the Welshman said. ‘I’ve realized you have time in the box to pick your spot, instead of thinking, ”Oh crap, I’ve got to shoot, I’ve got to score.’

‘More time in the box is the biggest thing. Some players, including myself in the past, think there is a time limit – you’ve got to get it away and shoot within a couple of seconds.

‘There is always room for improvement, the other day I had another chat with the boss about defensive positions and things.

‘He’s great with the young players, always giving them advice. He’s keen for you to improve and to make you the best player that you can.

‘We’ve had a few chats over the years to try to improve me and help my situation. He’s never turned me away from his door.’

Ramsey has no doubt about what went wrong during a season in which they top of the league for 20 weeks, but have now been reduced to scraping for fourth with Everton.

‘The main thing this year’s been our away form in the league against the big teams,’ the 23-year old said. ‘The Man City (6-3), the Liverpool (5-1), the Chelsea (6-0), the Everton (3-0), these games have ultimately cost us not being in the title shake-up.

‘That’s something we need to do next season, keep ourselves in the game.’

Hmmm let’s hope we get the players we need to give us that chance……

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