Arsenal’s years of frustration finally over?

The Arsenal director Lord Harris assured the fans and supporters of the club that manager Arsene Wenger has enough in the bank to go for any player in the world. The long-serving board member has revealed that the club has funds to sign ‘anyone but Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’.

This comes in the wake of Wenger admitting that the club is surely in the race for the Premier League in the upcoming season; though they were not in the recent years. Harris acknowledges the fact that the club is in a better shape than ever and is now capable of challenging for titles.

Wenger had to oversee the move from the Highbury stadium to the Emirates which brought a huge financial burden to the club. There is no doubt that this limited the spending power of the Gunners but it is time to move on. Wenger also saw the sale of key players such as Robin van Persie, Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas year on year – though for reasonably higher prices.

The players who left the club have had varying degrees of success but it certainly is not the case in point. Wenger saw Chelsea, Manchester City and even Manchester United flexing their financial might. The supporters were frustrated till the arrival of Mesut Ozil in 2013 and Alexis Sanchez last summer in big money deals.

And Harris thinks that there’s over £200 million in the bank and Wenger can now bid for any player in the world. He went on to add that there are no plans to sign anyone unless there is a real superstar available on the market.

The transfer season so far has seen only Petr Cech moving to the Emirates in a £11 million arrival from Chelsea. There are reports of pursuit for a centre forward but Harris wouldn’t want to divulge further.
There are reports that the club would be interested in bidding for the Real Madrid forward Karim Benzema, if he becomes available. Though there are contrasting reports ruling out any move away from the Spanish giants, you cannot discount anything till the last minute.

Unlike many of the earlier seasons, Wenger is now free to fight other clubs with record bids. Knowing the way he spends money, be assured that he will only go for the player if he is worthy. Breaking the record for transfer fees is certainly not out of reach.

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