Arsene Wenger admits that Sanogo has a “problem”

Yesterday Arsenal played Leicester with Yaya Sanogo as their Main striker, and the youngster (who is yet to score a competitive goal for the Gunners)was slated by Arsenal fans after the game. With Olivier Giroud injured all Gooners are now begging Wenger to sign another striker todayto give us a chance of staying in the title race.

Wenger admitted that Sanogo had a problem, but also indicated that”it wouldn’t last long”.

“When you are 21 and play up front and don’t score it is very quickly a problem,” said Wenger.

“I don’t think that problem will last very long but when you have the chance to play for Arsenal and you don’t score it is a problem.

“He tried very hard. You can say he didn’t score, yes. Is it on his mind? Of course. He is a striker and scored many goals as a young player.”

I don’t know if Arsenal fans are willing to wait for Sanogo to get his first goal if it costs the team crucial points every week. Should we learn to be patient like Wenger?

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7 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger admits that Sanogo has a “problem”

  1. wenger is crazy man to be honest sanogo is no were near his best even when u give him years the one he call striker Giroud is not good i dont no what he see from those 2players while he as better players over there who are better then those 2players. to be honest wenger is killing the best players in the team sanogo is not better then cample never. do wenger get something from those 2players. wenger need to be serious he dont look like some one serious at all

  2. Wenger will stick with this guy, so, we’ll have to wait till he reaches the potency of Messi and CR7 🙁

    And after all that he will move to Barcelona..Ha ha

  3. I wonder why Wenger is still behaving like a major shareholder of AFC. How long had he gambled with our money. We had been patiently waiting major trophy especially EPL/UCL but still the answere is blowing in the wind…..

  4. come on guys lets blog it everywhere……lets fill his twitter pages with “We want REUS” ….i think hes the only striker who price is reasonable if bucca is for 30 i think 35 or something is good enuf for reus ….what say

    So we want reus ….we want reus

  5. What are they smoking at the Emirates? I suspected foul play when Wenger made 4 signings so early in the window. I really doubt if he knows what he is doing because I dont understand how he is not seeing what is glaring. IMO We never had a striker since Henry left.

    Does he think Sanogo can score enough goals to win us a silverware at this pace?
    Do we have an attack compares well against the big sides? Imagine:
    Man Utd – Rooney, RvP, Falcao;
    City – Dzeko, Aguero, Jovetic
    Chelsea – Costa, Drogba, Remy
    Liverpool – Mario, Sturidge,
    Everton – Etoo, Lukaku,
    Arsenal – Sanogo, Giroud
    If wenger should win a trophy this season with this attack…

  6. When Wenger start to talk nonsense ,just ignore him ! Way past his expire date already !

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