I have been thinking about Arsene Wenger’s predicament at Arsenal and the thought that came to my mind was, “If Wenger had a family, would he consider their opinions in taking a final decision about coaching Arsenal for next season?”

Ladies and gentlemen of good repute, we surely know the impact our families play in our day to day decision makings. We know how it is important to consider them and their opinions in whatever we do. For the married men amongst us, we all know how influential our wives can be; they are very important in our lives and at times we are lost in decision, we go to them for a little prep talk! So, I ask this important question, does Wenger have a wife to run to? Who does he consult with in his decisions makings?

Last week, I read an article in a sport magazine in my locality and the one story that caught my attention was an interview with Dennis Bergkamp, our midfield hero at Arsenal! In the interview, he was asked if he would love to be the manager of Arsenal or Ajax, one day and his response touched my soul. Here is his response: “I won’t love to be the chief coach of any club, I am okay being a member of the coaching staff here at Ajax. I have a family who needs me home more often than I wish; being a chief coach will deprive of some time to spend with my family.” He didn’t fail to mention his family as being part of why he won’t want to be in the limelight of coaching! The man surely has the interest of his family at heart. Is that not cute?

This particular interview got me thinking about several things; Is Wenger not tired of spending the limelight in the world of coaching? Is he not thinking about spending more time with his family? He is in his old age right now, won’t it be wise to resign at the end of the season and try spending more time with his immediate family? Forgive me if I say I don’t know a thing about his family life; that is because I am not the type to pry into the private lives of celebrities! But if Wenger has a wife and family to fall back to, does he include them in his decision makings?

Will he consider them before taking a decision to sign the new contract offered to him or not? Hope I am not lost in my thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger should talk to his family!

  1. I really care if he has a family or not, all good thing must have an end. Arsene has tried for the club for two solid decades. Enough of him now, he should just bow with dignity at the end of this season. Please, Wenger don’t listen to any board member this time around, leave that two year contact on the table unsigned and take a walk for your own good. Thanks.

  2. If you still have passion for something especially when you are at an advanced age and the children are old enough, living on their own, it is better to follow your passion, it can enable you live even longer.

  3. maybe he doesn’t have,but Wenger know one thing that we are tired of u please leave Arsenal enough is enough, nothing new from you,if it happens to contribute to buy the share of Stan Kroenke I’m one of the arsenal supporter to wiped that guy with Wingers regime. Am an East African Ugandan man.Wenger Go Go Go

  4. Wenger will never walk away from Arsenal even if the club were to be relegated. He will always justify his presence as being the best for the club. He has no concern for his reputation which has dwindled in recent years. The board will not sack him so Arsenal fans are stuck with this man. Let us brace for another year with Wenger. I doubt whether his family has any role to play in his decisions.

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