Arteta wants quick recovery as “Sunderland will be tough”

The Arsenal midfielder Mikel Arteta agrees that Arsenal were beaten by the better team in Milan on Wednesday, but thinks that the Arsenal squad must get over it quickly and prepare for a hard game against Sunderland tomorrow and even more difficult games ahead (like Tottenham and Liverpool!)

“We have to try to digest this result,” Arteta said. “We have another great game on Saturday in the FA Cup and there are some big ones coming up soon.

“We have to be mentally ready when we get back because it will be a very tough game against Sunderland. It is very, very hard to take this one.

“We need to be positive, take the bad things we have done tonight and improve them.

“We were expecting a different game but we found it very difficult to create chances on the floor like we wanted to and they were the better team.

“Every time they managed to get the ball out from the back on the floor and create a problem for us. We are very disappointed, it’s a big result to take.”

Arsenal are world famous for being able to break rapidly from defence and destroy teams on the counter-attack, but Arteta now thinks that they are more usually the victims of the breakaway goal nowadays, and have to work on stopping their opponents from “doing an Arsenal”.

He said: “We’ve been counter-attacked too many times playing away from home and we cannot allow that to happen,”

“That was the key. Milan scored three goals on the counter-attack and we are very disappointed. It is difficult to take in and we have to change our mindset because we have another tough game on Saturday.”

Before last week’s last-minute League win at the Stadium of Light, Arsenal had had a weeks rest while Sunderland had a gruelling extra-time fight against Middlesbrough. This week that situation will be reversed and Arteta is right, the Gunners will need to recover very quickly if they are to progress to the next round of the FA Cup.

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One thought on “Arteta wants quick recovery as “Sunderland will be tough”

  1. I think arteta is definitely right.Arsenal could not break milans defence, there was no attack on them.It seemed like arsenal were playing with no partern.Milan found it so easier to penetrate our 18box, while we played 4-5-1.Infact milan were better team

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