Arteta Wants To Become A Top Scorer. Should He?

Arsenal’s midfielder Mikel Arteta is interested in becoming one of the players who score many goals at the club after the splendid goal he scored two weeks ago from a very long range.

“I have scored five goals this season already, if you count my two for Everton in August, so I don’t think things are going badly,” he told the “If I can add to that then it can only help the team.”

“We need to make sure people other than Robin are scoring for us, after all!”

“I used to be quite good at that (scoring goals)!” further enthused Arteta. “I need to keep trying these things – sometimes we get space to move into when the forward players have attracted defenders to them, and we need to stay aware of that.”

“We have players to score from that range and I was glad to do my bit.”

Do you think that it’s a good idea for Arteta to keep shooting whenever he feels like it or should he stick to just offering passes to the forward players and creating chances for them?

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2 thoughts on “Arteta Wants To Become A Top Scorer. Should He?

  1. No doubts! Arteta has an awful skill for scoring goals anywhere in or out side d box. But lately, he has sacrificed dat quality by to help solve our defensive frailties. I long for d return of Wilshere to fill dat midfield role while Arteta gets d chance to play behind Persie. A position being occupied by Ramsey and which has led to very scanty goal opportunity and lack of creativity. Ramsey is a good player dat I admire but that position is way too enormous for his young shoulders. The midfield shud be maned by Song, Wilshere and Arteta and Arteta will replicate hiss creativity and scoring spree we saw at Everton. He was apparently their Robin Persie and I cant wait to see him take that Fabregas role presently being occupied by our young intelligent Rambo. But Arteta shud for the time being stick to d status quo untill Wilshere return from injury. On the Man City game, I wuld love to see Rosicky in front of Song and Arteta because he is a similar player to Silva and can be so menacing against the Arabs.

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