Arsenal transfer rumour of the day – Geoffrey Kondogbia. Now this is a transfer that I really believe can happen, many newspapers and media sources are reporting this today and it is totally possible.

The 20 year old Frenchman has already been linked with the club several times during the past season because of his magnificent performances for Spanish side Sevilla who have already lost their best player this summer and face losing the rest.

Jesus Navas sealed his move to Arsenal’s rivals Manchester City earlier this summer and now the club’s top scorer and new best player Alvaro Negredo looks to be joining his former team-mate at the Etihad next season. Sevilla face financial problems as most clubs in Spain do due to the country’s current financial situation and the fact that football is becoming a high tax business. These financial problems mean that clubs like Sevilla are being forced to sell their top earners and Kondogbia will be the biggest target after Negredo departs.

Arsenal could pick him up really cheap because of this and solve a big problem that the squad currently has. Defensive midfield.

We all know the situation there and Kondogbia would be a great choice, better than Victor Wanyama who has sealed a move to Southampton. He is extremely young, extremely talented and a little bonus for Arsene Wenger, he’s French.

Add on top of all this is his versatility and you really can not deny that he is a bargain player who can become a world class player.

Imagine in three years if Arsenal picked him up for around £5M and he turns into an even better player than Patrick Vieira was. It is possible, this guy really does have the potential to be better than the legend who led Arsenal to their last trophy back in 2005.

The clock is ticking Mr Wenger, sign him up before the rest of Europe declares interest.

14 thoughts on “At last – A credible Arsenal transfer rumour…..

  1. How credible, I know AW plays it to his chest when it comes to transfers, “secrecy and confidentiality”. In as much as I’m frustrated like anyone else, I still have that little bit of hope and faith we are going to sign one or two top top players. GOONERS 4 LYF

  2. Personally. This transfer window is the most stressing window i’ve ever experienced. Waking up every morning to the same old story. I can see this happening all the way to the end of the window. And when its all said and done.. There’ll be nothing we can do but watch the same old story unfold. Arsenal start shaky, jack gets injured, Santi overworked, Diaby.. And we will say at the end of the season let us party because we won the Champions League… Smh

    1. speak for yourself. And someone tell the author of this article the whole of Europe have already showed interest. I don’t see him being sold for anything less than £15million. If you’re at least right about his talent he’ll be worth it still. COYG.

      1. he has a release clause around 8mil Euros, Madrid don’t need ’em, as well as stated fact that spanish teams are in financial trouble. The only other team that has showed interest is Chelsea, but they are after De Rossi, so this is possible. COME ON, HE’S FRENCH! THAT SHOULD ADD EASILY MANY BROWNY POINTS. KING KON @ ARSENAL WOULD BE A GOOD BUY. HE ALSO HAD A GOOD U20 TOURNEY.

      2. in reply to adi
        Yes he will be ready in three years just as we are waiting for Campbell, Giroud, the OX, Coquelin, Miyachi. Full of talent but not the finished goods. May be in 3 years we could win anything more than the 4th place trophy. And we we will also have a player bought for 5M and worth 20M after 3 years of schooling at Arsenal.Great!
        However the problem is that in 3 years others (Sagna, Cazorla, Koscielny, Rosicky, Wilshere, Arteta )will have left or be unable to play at the level needed for trophies.
        Then AFC or Wenger (If he is still here) will buy other promising players to repace them (those mentionned above) needing another 3 years of schooling.
        it has been more than 7 years than Wenger has turned Football at Arsenal into a scholastic project and fans into parents nurturing as well as financing those football pupils. At least some feel the pride of having turned them into great ones.

  3. Arsenal should make the possible signing that will benefit the club to contess for tropies not top four pursuit.

  4. ok ok guys i think felline is real close to arsenal and ithink that the sureas bid is real too and a GK is not the most importent right now a dfm and a st and a cb

  5. I’ve seen dis dude play for france U-21 and though it seems he can materialise into a good player but for nw hez average and a squad player at best and d club needs already established players. Simple

  6. Is there something like “a credible rumour”? If it’s credible, why is it being rumoured?

    1. Welcome to the silly season! Where there are even things like a catchy ironic headline. As long as it gets your attention for whatever reason, and it has successfully done that.

  7. Arsene wenger has attained his zanith of life, ad wil hardly look any body’s pain right nw. Wot we shuld be doin z just 2 watch hm ad hs stupid board member do d mess they knw hw 2 do. Apart frm yaya sanago witch z free agent, d only player we wil sign is mr wenger 4 three yrs contract . He wil manage top four wit hs lazy playin patern wit hs felow medoicry. Gunner til wenger leave us.

  8. Linked with every player and yet none has singed…other EPL teams has signed. Will this season be different?every morning waiting to hear the news and yet hmmmm…nothing..let’s continue to believe and keep the faith

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