At Last – A Proper Defensive Coach for Arsenal!

After 44 years at Arsenal, Pat Rice is leaving the club after the last match of the season at West Brom on Sunday. Arsene Wenger has called on another Arsenal legend, Steve Bould, to occupy his place on the bench from next season. Tony Adams was in contention for the job but has lost out to his old team mate.

There will be quite a few changes behind the scenes at the Emirates this summer, with another confirmed change being the promotion to first team coach of current reserve team manager Neil Banfield. Current first team coach Boro Primorac will keep his job but share his duties with Banfield.

It is hoped that the defensive experience of Bould, who has been involved with Arsenal’s academy set-up, will see the Gunners more resolute in defence next season. 49-year old Bould racked up a whopping 372 games for Arsenal from 1988 to 1999 and helping Arsenal to numerous honours as part of the “famous four” at the back.

Let’s hope he can help the Gunners to more silverware next year. It’s about time.

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11 thoughts on “At Last – A Proper Defensive Coach for Arsenal!

  1. Steve Bould being our assistant manager, will not change anything. Wenger does everything his way “the right way”. Pat Rice was known for being a ‘Yes man’ and thats what Boulde will have to be, otherwise it wont last very long and they will fall out. I perfect example is RDM has been chelsea’s assistant through out AVB’s time as manager, RDM had no input, as you would have nooticed if he did, becuase he set the chelsea team out completely different to AVB did.

    1. Too bloody true. Pat Rice would have known a LOT about defending but was just there for the pre match warm up and kick a few balls around.

  2. @harryjones, you can’t compare us to Chelsea, we are a different (better) club and run differently to the high turnover of managers and back end staff that Chelsea seem to.

  3. i wouldnt say we are a better club than chelsea…..we operate on a different basis….we love profit and chelsea love trophies. Unfortunately both clubs need to find the right balance between spending and running a business.
    Steve bould will have to be a yes-man….one issue i can forsee is that bouldy wont want squillacci or even djourou in his plans…..and i can forsee wenger telling bouldy that the squid is going to be a squad player and djourou will play half a season. Bould will look to move on after a season probably……he wont stick wengers antics and decisions for any longer than that!

      1. Good. Squilachi is turd. Steve bould has bought through a lot of the young players so I think it will help them more. Plus defensive knowledge he learned under Graham is second to none

  4. Dontt you think bould is aware of how arsene operates? Ofcourse they will work out something.

  5. I would love to think Bould will have a big impact..but Wenger is a very very subborn man.

    His idea is total football with nothing given towards tatics and making the team more solid and therefore harder to beat.

    He has been great for the club but the fact his vision hasnt work and another example of his inability to admit things arent working is his persistence to stand by players who have consistenely let him and the club down.

    The fact is the ability to take a step back and see things for what they are… admit your failings as a human being then try a new approach is a great quality to have. Wenger simply does not have this.

    Another thing is Arenal still lack a leader on the pitch someone who can give out stink to a fellow player who is not pulling there weight during a game. I have wondered why this is the case and personally believe Wenger doesnt encourage people to be like this. Its all being personally responsible whic gives f**k all when a player doesnt give a toss.

    Attitdues need to be changed one more point the wage structure is a disgrace at the club. Players who give everything and have quality i.e. V Persie are on 100K per week were wasters like Squallaci are on 60K.

    You perform you get paid no more handed out huge salaries to below average players. I bet Djouoru is a good money for doing sweet FA???? its crazy carry on and very bad management ….our wage bill is huge but no results 🙁

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