Barcelona’s Interest Increases As RVP Is No Closer To Contract Extension

Barcelona’s interest for Dutchman Robin Van Persie increases and even though the transfer period has ended for now and Robin is still at Arsenal, the Catalans are still looking to transfer him.

According to today’s papers Barcelona will attempt to transfer Robin in the summer, and even though he seems happy at Arsenal the Gunner captain still hasn’t extended his stay at the club.

“What is more amazing is that you look at Robin’s number of games played, and number of goals scored, then it becomes absolutely top, top class.”, said Wenger

“That is what he is: a world class player. You have national class, international class and world class, and Robin is world class.

“I like players who score away from home because it shows real quality and shows mental qualities like courage, desire. Robin has all that.”

Robin’s contract is due to expire in the summer of 2013, and even though that seems like a long way away next summer it will only be 1 year left for the Dutchman and if Arsenal are to sell him the transfer fee would be, like in Nasri’s case, smaller.

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7 thoughts on “Barcelona’s Interest Increases As RVP Is No Closer To Contract Extension

  1. I hope the club leaves him alone until summer…..let him just play.
    Let it be known that we will not entertain any offers at least until the last week of the summer transfer period,thereby giving the club every opportunity to buy players of enough quality to keep RVP.
    If we can’t do that,then we deserve to lose him.

  2. this is a complete non story!

    rvp hasnt signed a new contract as like he said 6 months ago, he will decide in the summer. there has been no developments and there will be no developments until the summer so you can stop trying to create a story like the media did when vieira, henry and fabregas left.

    end of!

    (Err you say the stories were created about Henry, Vieira and Fabregas left, but they STILL left….. – ADMIN)

  3. Barcelona will sign the worlds’ best prospect and the kid that Arsene has said he would choose if money was no object, Neymar in the summer. Then there won’t be a place for RvP at Barca.

    1. Yeah, right!. Similar like last season when many says there won’t be as a place for Fabregas as there are already Xavi and Iniesta.

  4. @willyG – you are right, i was one of those who though Cesc would struggle to get in to the Barca team, I WAS WRONG. Mind you, in changing the team have Barca contibuted to the fact they are chasing Real Madrid?

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