I know, I know, it is too early in the season to really judge Arsenal and their chances of ending the long trophy drought. But as each match comes and goes, and the Gunners come out on top, it is getting harder and harder to ignore their credentials. And I am finding it hard to keep my optimism from bubbling over.

At halftime against Napoli on Tuesday, there must have been Gooners everywhere thinking the same thing; we really can do it this year. Let’s be honest, any trophy would do for the fans to celebrate and stop the media and rival fans banging on about it endlessly. But what we really want is the Premier League crown or Champions League trophy. We are looking great in Europe, but any cup competition is a bit of a lottery. You need a bit of luck along the way and one bad game can end it all.

The league is the real test, and it is all about consistency. Obviously you have to be consistently good, and that has been our problem for years. We have seen some dream football from the Gunners, but not regularly enough. What we are doing differently this year is finishing off tough games like Stoke. So this weekend’s game against West Brom is crucial. If we win again, everyone heads off and comes back from international duty with the belief that this could be our year. A loss might just mean the doubts start to creep back in. A draw would also be disappointing and could cost us top spot, so go on lads, give it everything and make the title challenge a reality.

2 thoughts on “Beating West Brom will make Arsenal REAL title contenders

  1. its funny what pple say about Arsenal, some think Arsenal form is temporal, bt i say no! This form began ever since Arsenal beat Bayern in their home early this year which none other club could do & this gave Gunners the confidence they can beat anyone you put in front of them. This is no longer form its what i call class. Arsenal is a classy club & i never regreated being a fan. On sunday Arsenal is going to put west brom where they belong by anahilating them

  2. I believe that Arsenal can emerge EPL winners this season and give the UCL a real shot. But, we need a mature, quality striker option and cover different from what we’re already getting from Giroud. Beyond this, we must maintain the faith and keep winning match after match to further make this desire a reality. Suarez in my humble opinion, is the striker who meets this requirement. Should we fail to sign him on, then we should go for a striker with equal quality and ability.

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