Belhanda could be Arsenal’s long term replacement for Diaby

It is obvious that Arsene Wenger had planned to build his Arsenal team around the tall frame of the French international Abou Diaby. Unfortunately for Wenger, Diaby and Arsenal, that frame has not been able to bear the weight and it is looking increasingly like it never will.

Even after an extensive list of injuries, Wenger has kept a place open for the 27-year old midfielder. It is probably why Arsenal did not sign a defensive midfielder in the summer or January, but that decision did cause problems for the Gunners and Wenger is going to have to accept the possibility, or probability, that injuury problems are never going to allow Diaby to showcase his undoubted talent on a regular basis.

The problem for Wenger has been that Diaby is such an all-round player. He is the defensive midfielder who can dribble past players, pick out a great pass, drive forward and also score a goal. However, there is a player like that and it seems like he wants to come to Arsenal.

Younes Belhanda, the Moroccan international who plays for Montpellier, has issued a come and get me cry to the Premier League and the Bundesliga. He has been linked with Arsenal and Tottenham before, but would much prefer to play in the Champions League. At 23-years old he is still developing, but surely Arsenal would help him to do that much better. We can see from the use of Arteta and Ramsey that Wenger does not go in for the typical defensive midfielder who just breaks up play. He wants a complete footballer and that’s what Belhanda is. I know that he plays more of an attacking role for Montpellier, but so did Arteta for Everton.

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4 thoughts on “Belhanda could be Arsenal’s long term replacement for Diaby

  1. Belahnda isnt a Defensive midfielder. Hes an attacking midfielder. Completely differnt player. Replacement for diaby = Capoue or wanyama or strootman.

  2. mr.wenger, read here and hear want i want to say

    capoue or wanyama or strootman as DM
    jovetic or fabregas CF
    tasci or skrtel CD
    begovic or vorm or butland or mignelot GK… win EPL and CL…USE ALL 70m..
    our money ticket not for save in the BANK
    BUT invest to buy player that can win title!

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