Bendtner and Park could play if Arsenal don’t get Suarez – Please No

If we can’t sell Park Chu Young and Nicklas Bendtner and also fail to buy a new striker, will this mean that we have to use these two deadwood strikers for the coming Premier League season? Now I’m fairly certain that a very small percentage of Arsenal fans will be happy with the thought of having to keep these two players on the books for another season and I would not be happy with that either.

The way our search for a new striker has been conducted this summer though, it would not surprise me if we had to do this. We chased Gonzalo Higuain for over a month and lost him to Napoli three days after they began their interest in him. It’s unclear who is to blame for losing out on him but some blame has to go with Arsenal as it shouldn’t take any club this long to capture a vital target.

We had a similar situation with Stevan Jovetic and Juventus in June but we eventually had enough of proceedings and dropped out of the race, so did Juventus. Jovetic ended up at Manchester City. The same thing seems to be happening with Luis Suarez. Liverpool are determined to keep him and Arsene Wenger will “respect” their view on this.

Now I am a bigger fan of Bendtner’s than I am of Park despite the Dane’s arrogance and foolish views on himself in the world of football. Park has made just 1 league appearance for the club and not scored which is pretty hilarious considering we signed him two years ago.

Bendtner on the other hand was a fairly decent and important player before being injured and then falling out with Wenger. We were determined to sell him but have failed and we are still failing. Perhaps we should make the best of this situation and let Bendtner play in cup games against lower league opposition.

If we can’t sign a new striker we will have no choice but to do this is we want to keep Olivier Giroud and Yaya Sanogo in good condition for this new season.

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  1. j.legend says:

    Reason for not given chance to Park? Emirates is a corp of UAE and Park was the best striker of Asia. The middle east countries had to advance to the Worldcup just because of 2022 Qatar Worldcup, so they intentionally broke Park’s condition. In fact, after final goal against Bolton, he couldn’t get his chance strangely . Can u guys understand?

  2. God knows says:

    Bendtner ll definitely better Giroud am 100% sure of that but Park cant say cos we av notgive him chance to play,come to think of it is Sanogo better than Bendter this shows that Wenger himself is seriously sick bcos how ll u have Bendtner and go on and sign Sanogo while Bendter is playing with reserve.I know u guys ll talk of Bendtner attitude pls is hes attitude reach that of Suarez we want to spend a fortune on,wenger shld not fool us,hes toying with our emotion (fans).

  3. Gmv8 says:

    As far as I remember, Park was in a game for a cup competition as well, think I was at the Emirates when he scored. So a 1 in 2 hit rate isn’t bad…… I’m not sure what went wrong with Park, he didn’t seem like a bad player, and never got the chance – at least the others started off well and rapidly fell off the hill

  4. bc says:

    How would they leave for free? When they are both owed another years salary? If I was bendtner I would just take my 52k for another year then move for free. Similarly park whre else is he going to get paid 40k a week for attending football training?

    You reap what u sow I am afraid, wenger stole park in desperation from under the noses of lille by offering him an extra 10k a week. Bendtner on the otherhand was playing well 45 goals in 79 starts for a 23 year old is a better return than henry wright rvp or bergkamp had achieved yet we threw him out on the wing and favoyred adebayor then chamakh and van persie even bringing park in as we hoped he would be better.

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