Arsenal’s outgoings might not end with Robin Van Persie’s departure to Manchester United and Alex Song’s transfer to Barcelona, as Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner still seems interested in the possibility of leaving the club, saying that it’s the only thing that would make him happy at the moment.

With enormous competition at Arsenal for the striker roles, it’s fair to say that Bendtner has very little chance of playing even a game next season for the Gunners If he doesn’t manage to catch a gravy train out of the Emirates Stadium in this final stretch of this transfer window, then he will be warming the bench again.

Facing the likes of Podolski, Giroud, Chamakh and Park, Bendtner knows that the only way he can get playing time is to leave the Gunners.

“I do not think about the money, I just want to be happy. I want to leave Arsenal.”

This doesn’t come as a surprise, and it would be good for Bendtner, along with the likes of Park, Fabiansky and perhaps a few more to leave the club and make room for new additions.

Arsene Wenger has stated earlier this summer that in order for the club to bring in players, it must first sell, so the exit of these unnecessary players could certainly signal the start of another period when Wenger will strengthen the squad.

3 thoughts on “Bendtner Confirms Desire to leave Arsenal

  1. Be gone already, greatest striker of all time(self-styled)! Wenger has made it clear for a year Bendtner is not in his plans.

  2. Am tired of hearing that this fella will leave and he isnt…Get lost Bentner please!!!

  3. 3 years too late ..the worst player i have ever seen in an Arsenal shirt. Do you want a lift to the made Lee Chapman look like Pele ..Taxi for Bendtner

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