Can Arsenal accommodate two big, powerful strikers in the squad? We might be able to find out, if Arsene Wenger reacts to the words of Christian Benteke. The Aston Villa and Belgium forward has hinted that he could leave his current club and has previously stated that his `dream` was to play for Arsenal.

He said, “If Aston Villa say I must stay, I won’t necessarily accept that.”

You could say that Olivier Giroud is not the typical Arsenal striker, at least under Arsene Wenger, but the manager seems to be very happy with the contribution Giroud has made this season and I’m sure he has looked on with admiration at the job Benteke has done for Paul Lambert at Villa.

Obviously, Villa want to keep hold of their young star, but that may not be possible if a club like Arsenal knock on the door. Wenger has been stung before when bringing in young players with potential or players who have done well in other countries, but Benteke has proved that he can mix it with the best in the Premier League.

The problem is, I doubt that Arsenal will be the only team interested, but hopefully the fact that he supported Arsenal when growing up could give us an advantage.

15 thoughts on “Benteke opens door to Arsenal transfer

  1. he is good and he can become class

    he is a true gunner

    let wenger decide if the price is right

  2. I will implore arsene wenger not to think twice before signing benteke!cos he is the type of player arsenal need!he is strong has pace and everything you want and need in a player!

  3. Grate guy full of skills,tallented young man with grate future.pls wenger,get.dis guy.

  4. He’s good and he showed some quality and I believe he can make in arsenal because there’s no jack, carzola or even theo in aston villa to assist him but he’s scoring, so what if he joins arsenal were he’ll be playing with those players… Oviasly he’ll make it! Tell villa u want to play for arsenal, alongside with theo.

  5. Would love if we could sign him

    Beneke 25M

    Cesear free

    Either Wymanna 15M or Fellaini 20M for centre midfield or Bender.

    Thats 40M Plus well within our budget.

    If Vermanlen leaves and it would only be for 10M Plus not this 5M???? then bring in Lescott or Remi 10M.

    Get rid Bendther 3M , Mannone 2M,Watt release, Frimpong 2M, Djouoru 3M, Park release, Denilson 3M, Chamakh 3M and Santos 2M. Arshivan and Squallci contracts are up savings 150K on wages a week that 8M a season on those jokers. Take whatever we can get for others it can go into the kitty but main thing is to reduce are huge wage bill estimated those 11 players above are costing 500m a week 26m a year.

    If we got those three players in above the wages would not be more than 300-400K so savings 5-10M a season just on getting rid of the deadwood.

  6. The unanimous decision from the fans is get Benteke. Arsene Wenger should yield to the desires of the fans.

  7. Why is everyone criiciding Giroud, he has had a good first season and will improve. I like his work rate, so does Wenger. Yes he missed chances but so did the best of strikers. If wallcot plays as the man striker with giroud iin a 442 system, ox on right, can be deadly.

  8. i like dis possible transfer dan da jovetic thing if jovetic came 2 arsenal i hav a bad feeling dat he wld fail us

  9. Bringing the beast 2 de emirates is a gud idea but, i fancy D.Villa most. He’s a world cup winner and he’s looking 4 a club dat will keep him busy wich he will go 2 nxt yr wrld cup and arsenal Is dat club.

  10. A Gooner, he score many, a lot of pace, more power and dribling skills, I think he will be another TH14.

  11. Benteke would be a great addition to Arsenal. He can score more goals at Arsenal than Aston villa, having great players such as cazorla walcott etc. Arsene should sign him and forget that jovetic and his useless agent. Gunner forever.

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