This could be the icing on the pre-season cake for Arsenal fans if Arsene Wenger can get the transfer deal for the Real Madrid and France striker Karim Benzema done and dusted before our first Premier League game of the season against West Ham in less than two weeks.

A lot depends on what the French centre forward meant by his cryptic post on social media today, as reported by Metro, although he did seem to suggest that a new stage in his life and possibly football career was about to begin.

Benzema wrote, “Laissons le passé au passé.. #rip #directionturfu”

That all means, apparently, let´s leave the past behind, Towards the future.”

So you can see why Arsenal fans are getting excited as it the Gunners that have been the club strongly linked with the Frenchman and according to a report in The Telegraph this week, Wenger has already made an offer of around €50 million to Real Madrid for him.

So does all this mean that Arsenal will soon have a new forward leading the charge to Premier League glory and beyond?

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