You would think that scoring 13 goals from just 20 games in the season so far was enough to make any striker secure in his position, but that is apparently not the case with the Arsenal transfer target Karim Benzema. So the player that has long been linked with the Gunners could soone be heading to north London, according to a Metro report.

The FRance international striker will probably not be available until the summer, but the news from Spain is that Carlo Ancelotti will be looking to sign a replacement at the end of this season, freeing Arsene Wenger to finally make his move in a transfer that is likely to cost around £30 million.

That would give the Gunners a pretty amazing looking front line with Alexis, Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck there already and would surely signal Wenger’s intentions to win the Premier League at least once more before he steps down from the manager’s job.

1 thought on “Benzema transfer to Arsenal BACK ON?

  1. I know Wenger has his own agenda but if there is just an outside chance that he may read this then please let him note that I beg him not to sign this player. After all the rumours about signing him last season I took special interest in his performance at the world cup and drew the conclusion that there is nothing absolutely nothing special about him. Lukas is better.

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