Bergkamp wants to come and make Arsenal even better!

There has always been a lingering wonder if one day Arsenal will see their wonder team of the glory days and invincible age return once again to the club as the team’s managerial staff. It would be a fantastic sight seeing the likes of Tony Adams, Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp all in positions at the club, but will it ever become a reality?

For Adams and Vieira, they are already in management positions, just not at Arsenal; whilst Thierry Henry of course still plays professional football in the USA. Bergkamp on the other hand does have a hand in football management, as he is a coach at Dutch club Ajax, the club where he first began his fantastic career.

Bergkamp was a magnificent player for Arsenal, transforming the team from ‘Boring Boring Arsenal’, to a team that frightened the life out of its opponents with our fancy footwork and the passing style of play that we still witness today. Now after almost 8 years on from leaving the club, Bergkamp is calling for a return to Arsenal, stating that one day he would like to come back to the club that he is so renowned for.

Bergkamp told BBC Sport:
“My personal ambition is to maybe come to Arsenal one day – to do the role I am doing at Ajax, [I want] to educate the younger players, to be part of the coaching staff and make players better. Ajax I was born with and raised with, but I was with Arsenal for 11 years. It is two teams that stick in my mind. I always like to watch Arsenal play – they are part of me.”

I think having someone like Bergkamp on the Arsenal management team would be very beneficial. Not only would we have a legend on the bench to seek advice from and nurture young talent into top class footballers with his experience but it would also give the club an opportunity to perhaps move on from some of the current coaching staff, those that have perhaps lost some touch with the modern game. If the opportunity is there, I say we should take it.

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