BFG says Arsenal STILL have title chance! Really?

Per Mertesacker is not the type of player to duck a battle or to shirk responsibility, so the Arsenal vice-captain will probably be kicking himself today. The whole team came out after the break not fully switched on but it was the German defender that should have prevented Hull scoring that second goal which nearly led to a rare home defeat for Arsenal.

But Mertesacker has alsdo taken positives from the way the Gunners started the game and the way we have been dominant in almost every game this season without getting the results he thinks we deserved. And this is why our centre back is not giving up on the English Premier League title just yet, as a Sky Sports report reveals.

Mertesacker said, “”We have to take the responsibility for that, to have dropped points again, but what really makes me confident is the way that we play at the moment, because no matter what happens, we just carry on and have great potential, that just has to come out much more,”

He also claims that there is good morale in the Arsenal dressing room as well as frustration. But looking at the table with an 11 point gap between us and Chelsea, is any hope of winning thew title just a pipe dream? Well history tells us that bigger gaps have been made up. When Man City first won it three years ago, they were 10 points behind United with around 10 games to go and won it on goal difference in truly dramatic last minute style.

Football is a funny old game and things can soon change. We have the players but Arsenal need to get on a roll pretty damn quickly and hope that Chelsea and Man City slip up. It is possible, Gooners, just very unlikely. Or am I just being foolishly optimistic?

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