Can Arsenal and Wenger REALLY ignore fans? What then?

The frustration of the Arsenal fans, or at least a section of them, has been part of football life in England for almost 10 years now. Ever since the Gunners moved to the Emirates Stadium from Highbury the success and silverware that we enjoyed in the first 10 years under Arsene Wenger dried up and the only thing keeping most of us from joining the Wenger Out Brigade was the realisation that the Prof was doing very well on what resources the club could give him.

That excuse no longer holds water and as if that was not bad enough, we now seem to be further away from the Premier League title than ever and the feeling of the fans has changed, as the recent poll done by the Arsenal Supporters Trust and reported by The Mirror shows clearly, with 78 percent of the vote going against a new contract for the Frenchman.

It is not just Wenger under pressure from the Arsenal fans either, as another part of the poll asked whether we thought the board were doing the right thing for the club and that result was even more emphatic, with 86 percent answering no.

However, the report also claims that this poll and the other protests from Arsenal fans are not going to affect the Arsenal board who are set to agree a new contract with Wenger. Can they all really just blithely ignore us fans like this? And if so, what is the next step for us to take? Boycott matches? Stop buying merchandise? Protest even harder?

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