Although the Premier League season is always a very long one, with Arsenal flying high around the top of the league, we will be hoping that it can all be brought to an end sooner than later. However in reality we know that being only five Premier League wins in, there’s still a lot of work to do to keep the club up amongst the big boys this season.

Liverpool, who have been labelled as the surprise package this season, lost for the first time this season late on Saturday afternoon, as Southampton managed to grab a surprise 1-0 victory over the ‘pool at Anfield. Ultimately Southampton deserved to win the game; however the main focus is that Liverpool have now lost their unbeaten run, which means every single side has now lost a game this season.

Liverpool’s loss plays the opportunity to be top of the league right into our hands as we could finish the weekend on 12 points, higher than anyone else. The only challengers for this spot is our local rivals Tottenham Hotspur, however with them facing what could be a tough time in Wales against Cardiff, Arsenal can hopefully regain the top spot.

Arsenal themselves have a tough game vs. Stoke City, which despite being at home and with the Gunners on high morale, still won’t be a walkover for the club. We will have to battle with the boys who have been labelled as the ‘Rugby club’ of this league and they seem to have improved since Pulis’ departure, which comes as another surprise with Mark Hughes at the helm.
As mentioned the league is a long term process and getting a lead in the season early on doesn’t mean we can necessarily stay at the top, however it definitely goes a long way to helping us finishing amongst the highest ranks, even if we don’t manage to actually secure top spot this year!

1 thought on “Can Arsenal top the Premier League after Stoke game?

  1. With the way things are going at the moment, it seems the morale is getting boosted every match day. We’re challenging for every competition this season. Ozil’s and Ramsey’s form of late has been superb.

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