Can Carl Jenkinson be a future Arsenal and England star?

Over the years, Arsenal have been looking around the globe for fresh and young footballing talents. Slowly, the Arsenal team will polish and nurture the talents and prepare them for the footballing world in years to come. There are success stories from Fabregas, Flamini and Wilshere. All are players that have shone on the world stage. However, there are also failure stories in players like Justin Hoyte, Vincent Van Den Berg and Mark Randall where the careers were completely ruined, as they just did not have what it takes to catch the eye of Arsene Wenger. So, will Carl Jenkinson, Arsenal’s latest right back, be one for the future at Arsenal?

I am personally not a very big fan of Carl Jenkinson. My last memory of him is seeing him sent off against United in our 8-2 defeat after a foul on Chicharito. He was exposed time and time again on the flanks by Ashley Young and Luiz Nani.

However, I think that it would be really unfair to judge Jenkinson this way. Furthermore, the lad is only 19 this year. From one of his first few Premier League matches, it is inevitable that his inexperience will show to be very obvious. Jenkinson, when replacing Sagna in a few matches, was great going forward and defended the line pretty well. After all, a footballer does the best when he is under no pressure at all.

Whether Jenkinson will be a great player in future for Arsenal would depend on whether he can catch the eye of Wenger and prove to be a good backup for Bacary Sagna.

At the moment, Carl should just work really hard and learn as much as he can in order to get a regular first team spot in future.

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3 thoughts on “Can Carl Jenkinson be a future Arsenal and England star?

  1. If your last memories about Jenkinson are those of manU game which have been played on Aug 28th, Why are you writing this article on Dec 12th (3months and half gone!)
    No sense !!!!

  2. He will play for Finland instead on England.

    He can choose, like frimpong, but who’d wanna play for England, alongside a load of overrated crap who get drunk and sleep around.

  3. If your last memory is seeing him in the loss at Old Trafford, why are you writing a piece about him on an Arsenal blog? You clearly aren’t somebody to talk about what’s going on in the team recently if you don’t remember or didn’t watch Jenkinson playing in many of the games since Sagna’s injury and progressing in confidence each game. He’s hurt now, unfortunately, but if the more he plays the better he gets.

    Hopefully Sagna comes back soon just so we don’t wind up overplaying the young lad like we did Wilshere last year, but don’t talk down upon a player if you haven’t watched his latest performances.

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