Can players’ confidence help Arsenal to win Premier League?

As with many Arsenal players beforehand this summer, Walcott, Giroud and Rosicky have stepped up to reassure Arsenal fans that not only will they try their hardest to end Arsenal’s possible 9 year trophy drought but also be far more ambitious in what they do.

The likes of Ramsey, Wilshere and Mertesacker have already spoken of Arsenal’s ambitions and title hopes for next season and they all seem in sync in saying that the club, through it’s management and players, are determined to bring success back to Arsenal after 8 very difficult years for the club. It’s great to see these boosts in confidence from the Arsenal players and more players speaking of Arsenal chances this time around only adds to the positivity and hope that next year may actually be our year.

Olivier Giroud said, “We have a really good squad and I trust in our chances and our qualities to fight for the title”

Theo Walcott added, “Instead of challenging for the Champions League I think we will be challenging for the title this year. That’s my desire and I’m sure everyone else is the same. If players come in it’s going to boost the whole team but what we have at the moment is good enough to win anything I believe.”

Tomas Rosicky said, “It’s very simple. We want to try to go for it and try to win the league.”

What is interesting in my opinion is the fact that Walcott said “Instead of challenging for the Champions League I think we will be challenging for the title this year”. It makes me recognise that the players understand that although they arguably deserve to be part of Europe’s greatest club competition, that realistically the title is a much better task to undertake. Although I’m sure we all want Arsenal to win the Champions League, wouldn’t you much rather see Arsenal dominate England once again?

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