Can someone tell Vermaelen he’s a DEFENDER!


I know, I know, we all love a central defender who goes forward from time to time and aids the attack, and we love it when defenders like Chelsea’s David Luiz, or our own Thomas Vermaelen scores a goal from action or offers an assist, but look where that took Arsenal!

Yesterday’s match was a nice spectacle to watch from the neutral point of view, but for a Gunner it was extremely frustrating as we were forced to see a very skillful attack and an incredibly unsure and basically stupid defense.
Even though recently Vermaelen was the man to watch and he was in an incredible form, yesterday’s forward runs were the main reason for Arsenal’s defensive inability. What is a team supposed to do with Coquelin who is not a pure breed right-back, Gibbs who is still young and inexperienced and Koscielny who can’t look after everybody’s mistakes and fix them?

Wenger, or somebody else at the club, should take Vermaelen into a corner, slap him once and let him know that he’s a CENTRAL DEFENDER, not a playmaker, not a target man, and that he should focus on…errr…DEFENDING! His forward runs and the fact that Arsenal was time and again caught with two, or in the best case three defenders, might cost the Gunners their Champions League spot if Tottenham manage to win today’s game! Good Job Vermaelen!

22 thoughts on “Can someone tell Vermaelen he’s a DEFENDER!

  1. Though I admit Thomas was poor yesterday (caught dead for the third Norwich goal), I don’t think that it was because of his forward runs.

    Think about Newcastle, if TV5 hadnt scored in the 90th minute, Newcastle would be ahead of us right now.

  2. we are lucky to have verm playing for arsenal however all players need coaching and managing, and wenger + rice aren’t doing their jobs.. overall, this season, verm + vpersie have helped arsenal climbed to 3rd and not languishing in 6th or 7th.. no one disagree he had a bad day

  3. Vermaelen needs to be the left back alongside either vertonghen or sakho. van der weil the right back alongside.koscielny or mertesacker. sagna jenkinson bartley miquel santos and gibbs providing further cover 3 more defenders will give us a much better squad of defenders. sell hoyte squillaci djourou botelho.

    1. Vander wil over Sagna? Do u know anything about football, or you just want to buy players for fun? Get a life please.

  4. Well done mate, I was there yesterday and after the game I looked at blogs and people were having ago at the same old targets but vermalen ha a shocker and the lat goal you have to look at him. Thankfully kos is becoming inspired!

  5. any player can hav a gud nd bad day as well.yesterday’s match was certainly our defenders n szecesny’s bad frustrating dat it hapens at dis time of when a lose or draw wud cost u dearly.we shudn’t forget dat verm’s forward run has realy helped us(newcastle game particularly).we nid 2 start preparing 4 dis last game now and pls guys let’s go 4 all 3points.COYG!!!

  6. Spot on mate , some one definitely needs to tell him that, i said that since the barcelona game last year,as good as he seems to have either a blinding game or the worst , nothing in between.

  7. I don’t agree with the idea that it is because of his forward runs that we were exposed, but this is the price you pay with TV. He’s great going forward, and usually a solid CB, but just occasionally he has an off game. He looks particularly poor when people run at him. I’m confident he will fix up for the next game, but I’m not convinced he will ever be the reliable, consistent defender that Koscielny is.

  8. Yea guys, we are almost there especially now that those imposters got a loss and a draw to give us breathing space. Alleluia

  9. look to your left side first……goal by Holt underlined the fact that Wenger needs to buy a good Left back i.e Gibbs and Santos are not up to the mark ! Jordi Alba…..Valencia FC is the answer !!!

  10. its was Gibbs fault not Tv5 he isnt doing anything to cover the right side…its not the having lack experience it simple that he aint good enough…simple as that

  11. Sack Wenger!!!
    Bring in a great BRITISH manager like….. Oh wait…

    This article be trollin

  12. The title should be can someone tells our player to cover for players who are out of position!!!!
    As a team, especially playing our system, there will always be player out of position. It is down to the others to read the play and the situation, and cover for the out of position players. Too many time our midfielders were just jogging back when Norwich players were bombing forward like their lives are depending on it.
    I don’t think TV4 had the best game but I saw the look on his face, he tried to inject some life into our attack.
    Our players just weren’t playing, they weren’t in the game. I don’t think it was down to tactic or what ever. It was pure and simple, their hearts weren’t there. They’re already on holiday. They weren’t moving the ball, they weren’t running into space. The pass were terrible and more than often the ball ended up in no-man’s land. It’s stupid to point the finger at Wenger for tactical error because we should be concentrating on our own game. The problem is we’re no concentrating, the accuracy was way off. Lucky we still have a 1 point lead, let’s win the next game and make sure we get the 3rd place, then we can sort out our problem in the summer.

  13. Wenger is NOT doing enough about defending. Besides DO YOU REALLLLLY NEED TO KEEP ATTACKING ESPECIALLY WHEN 3-2 AHEAD???

  14. Gibbs was the problem yeserday.absolutely he cannot defend and going forward santos is better than him.we need an experience left back,BAINES comes to mind.

  15. My fellow gunners !saturday 3-3 draw blame should be directed to K.gibbs and our number one goalkeeper…I think we should forget about the match and focus on our last match since we are still a point ahead of Spur. We should focus more on how to get the whole 3 point and the only way we can achieve that is by telling our defenders to beware of making mistakes and focus on defending more than attacking because if the focus in attacking more than defending we will be punished for that, they should forget about attacking because I know for sure our attackers will score goals…pls let the defenders know their works and prevent counter attacks that results into goals that will cause more and more problem that might even end our CL dream.I know Spurs will not find it easy with fulham but we just need to focus on our match and win the maximum point to secure our 3rd position.

  16. Blame Szeczesny for the result. Certainly at fault for the first and second goals. Could be blamed also for the third, because it was within his limits to come and kick the ball into touch, but chose to remain static in his post, a case of poor decision making.
    As for Ramsey, the least said about him, the better it will be for us all. Surely he is out of sorts, and should not be starting games for a team like Arsenal. His poor form coupled with lack of speed is there for all to see, hence whenever he starts a game, our defenders are put under unnecessary pressure. Should be sent out on loan in the summer.

  17. I agree with you! Ramsey is always a total mess and it is obvious that anytime he plays for us we usually end up beaten or getting just one point.loaning him will be better.

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